Access Control Systems

These systems control the flow of people and vehicles in and out of secure areas. Your enterprise’s access control needs can be met with card readers, smart cards or biometrics. Centralized computer software provides for simple in-house configuration as well as timely retrieval of historical personnel movements.

Today’s badge-making equipment allows on-site designing and printing of ID badges for immediate use. Premier Security Services can set up your badge photo area to eliminate poor quality photos and advise you on procedural and operational issues to avoid common problems.


These systems are used to monitor and record activity inside or outside. Today’s technology provides high quality video in any type of lighting or environmental conditions. Cameras can be covert (to thwart a sophisticated thief) or highly visible (to serve as a deterrent to undesirable personnel activity).

Digital video recorders (DVR’s) are used to solve the problems of tape-based systems- i.e., video quality degradation and tape change-out.
Using DVR’s, personnel can review video from the past without interrupting the recording in progress. Multiple reviews can even take place simultaneously from different locations, on or off-site. Tape swap-out is eliminated, and back-up recordings and archiving can be automated where required.

Video monitoring can be also triggered by alarms or motion detectors to eliminate the consumption of storage space recording inactivity. Trigger application simplifies the review of video activity. Advanced technologies provide for facial recognition, subject tracking, and still capture. Stills can be printed, posted to public displays (“have you seen this person?”) and transmitted wirelessly to roving security personnel with hand-held devices.

Intrusion Systems

Often called “alarm systems”, these systems link your Access Control and CCTV systems to bring about an effective response to an issue, such as detecting, locating, tracking and apprehending an intruder.

Technologies employed include glass break sensors, fence & gate monitors, motion detectors, and door position sensors. Premier Security Services can turn your “burglar alarm” into a more effective tool to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Fire & Life Safety Systems

These systems can detect when a fire is present and automatically activate the fire extinguishing equipment of your facility (sprinklers, sirens, etc.), as well as notify the appropriate emergency response teams in your area.

Premier Security Services will design and install these systems to your liking. We also handle the preventive maintenance reporting that is required to satisfy your local fire department, insurance company and other government authorities.

Smart Home

Smart Home provides the feeling of safety, even when you aren’t home. View camera feeds, lock or unlock your smart doors, and even arm your security system from wherever you are.
Premier Security Services will design, install, and maintain your smart home setup using name brands and state-of-the-art technologies.

Intercom Systems

These systems are designed to enable communication between people and allow the user to grant remote access to outsiders.

Modern intercom systems empower tenants to open doors and manage access to their property from anywhere, thus reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Premier Security Services can design and install an Intercom System with as many sub-stations as you need.

Locksmith Services

Premier Security Services offers complete locksmith services with our fully owned Surety Lock Service.

We employ trained personnel that are certified to drill Fire Rated doors for commercial and residential customers alike. Whether you need Locksmith Services for a door, window, safe, vehicle or any other device, our team can handle it.

Thermal Cameras and Scanners

These systems can be used as a first line of defense in the fight against passing illness between co-workers. Combining AI and thermal imaging technologies, it determines the body temperature of any individual walking through, to an accuracy of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.