Advanced CCTV Camera Surveillance

We use these systems to monitor and record activity both inside and out. Today’s technology provides high-quality video in any lighting or environmental conditions. Cameras can be covert (to stop a sophisticated thief) or highly visible (to prevent unwanted personnel activity).

Simplified Video Management with DVR Technology

Digital video recorders (DVRs) solve the problems of tape-based systems- i.e., video quality degradation and tape change-out. Using DVRs, personnel can review videos from the past without interrupting the recording in progress. Multiple reviews can occur simultaneously from different locations, on or off-site, eliminating tape swap-out. Backup recordings and archiving can be automated where required.

Enhanced Video Monitoring and Activation

Alarms or motion detectors can also trigger video monitoring to eliminate the consumption of storage space recording inactivity. Trigger application simplifies the review of video activity. Advanced technologies provide for facial recognition, subject tracking, and still capture.