InterConnect is a complete Web based service center customized to meet each individual clients needs. Among the many standard features of the program are the following:

  • Multiple users (secure login)
  • Each service request is documented in detail
  • Instant e-mail notification of service request to designated users
  • Real time status of all service issues:

    • Open
    • Scheduled
    • Approval required
    • Parts pending
    • Work in progress
    • Completed
    • Verified

    (Once verified, a service request is “closed” generating a detailed invoice)

  • Attachments, photos can accompany service request
  • History of repeat problems
  • Search by site, status, open, closed, work order #, or date
  • Identify service request under PM contract vs. extra work
  • Smart parts inventory (if applicable)
  • Track warranty items / installation date
  • Paperless audit trail from first request to invoice

InterConnect service is available exclusively from Premier Security Services, Inc. and currently serves 154 locations nationwide.